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Save Face and Take the Course Online

University Student’s Advanced Alcohol/Drug and MIP Course

A Better Choice in a College/University Alcohol and Drug Awareness Online Program.

This course is not designed to replace any existing University Alcohol education online course or existing campus classes which may include Alcohol basics. It certainly can supplement the course and add the necessary influential training and this course will also include Drug awareness education. The best news is this course will not interfere with the students regular schedule. They can take it online and at their own pace.

Parents: You’ve already taken the huge step of seeing that your student has the best education possible. You can take another big step and check into this 8 Hour online Alcohol Education and Drug

awareness course. It’s well worth the difference it can make in comparison to a minimal basic class.

Quick Facts

Alcohol-related auto accidents are a leading cause of death for University students and young adults.
Alcohol use is involved in many acts of violence, drownings, suicides, homicides, and injuries.
Alcohol is the Drug of choice among many University students.
Beer and wine are not safer than hard liquor.
It is illegal in most states to provide Alcohol to minors who are not members of the family.
Using Alcohol and tobacco at a young age – especially before and during college increases the risk for using other Drugs later, such as marijuana and cocaine.
Many University students abuse Alcohol. As early as freshmen, some students report heavy drinking.
Most states have “zero-tolerance” laws. This means that underage drivers (less than 21 years) with even a trace of Alcohol on their breath will lose their driver’s license.

Most current college Alcohol classes are two 45 minute classroom setting courses or one 2 Hour class. While these courses cover many needed topics, they lack the influential impact of an 8 Hour online course filled with consequential goals to college students and drinking. Then there are the distractions which are so plain in a classroom of fellow students. What the student gets out of the course is much more important than their mere credentials achieved once they’ve attended.

A growing number of colleges and universities are now recommending and sometimes requiring students to take a substance-abuse or an Alcohol education program, whether online or in person. It certainly makes taking the course much more convenient to take it online. If you need to take the course, simply sign up below and take it at your own convenience.

In Texas, if you have been arrested with an MIP, minor in possession of alcohol, drug paraphernalia or tobacco,you may take a course for MIP pretrial diversion program for drug crimes.

Alcohol or Drug related defendants may need to take an alcohol/Drug education program which can be available online for your case. In Texas a mandatory Alcohol or Drug education program for Alcohol – Drug awareness class or an intervention program to fulfill court or state-mandated requirements is necessary.

Sometimes a defendant and his attorney can agree to a pretrial diversion program for drug crimes of a criminal charge or offense. Many times in an alcohol or drug-related case, the pretrial terms may include a treatment, evaluation, interdiction or simply an online class. The pretrial diversion program for drug crimes is probation or probate sentence after the pre-set date.

Many courts will probate an MIP for 1, 2 or 3 years depending upon the circumstances of the case. Some courts and prosecutors will consider allowing an online program due to a defendant needing to get to an actual classroom site. If the offender has a suspended driver’s license, then undue hardship is on a family member, relative or friend to drive the offender to a class. You may also need to take a defensive driving course in some jurisdictions to get the suspension lifted. This course may fulfill your needs and do so from any computer with an internet connection. The online course is taken at your convenience and at your own pace. No sitting in a classroom.
Also, a growing number of colleges and universities are now recommending and sometimes requiring students to take a substance-abuse or an Alcohol education program, whether online or in person. It certainly makes taking the course much more convenient to take it online. If you need to take the course, simply sign up below and take it at your own convenience.

This online course is available in 8, 10, 12, 16 , 20, 24 or (Court Ordered) 32 Hour Court Ordered Programs. Many courts may need 8 to 12 Hour courses for first-time offenses and longer courses for repeat offenses. You may begin the course upon registering and continue at your own pace and schedule.

After you complete the course online you will be mailed a certificate of completion. You may also download and print your Certificate upon completion.


Texas County Court at Law and District Court

Pretrial Diversion Intervention Programs

College Student Alcohol Awareness Online Class

May be taken for College Student Entry Requirement (In Some College/Universities)


This online college and university student alcohol and drug awareness education course is not intended to replace any existing school provided or mandated alcohol programs such as AlcoholEdu, Everfi, Haven, Rise and others.  This course simply adds the drug awareness element and to a professional, world class in-depth alcohol awareness education course.

Note: Please check with your attorney or the court to ascertain whether the online course is right for you.

*Disclaimer: This website and any courses are not affiliated with the college or university mentioned herein.   The school named is only for the purpose of benefiting the students thereof.