Texas Alcohol/Drug Awareness Alcohol/Drug Education Program Online Class

Texas Alcohol/Drug Awareness

Pre-Trial Diversion, Intervention, Court Ordered, Assessment, and Awareness Education Program

Online Classes

Defendants of DWI, DUI, MIP (minor in possession) or any other Alcohol possession or Drug Possession, Delivery thereof, PCS (Possession of a Controlled substance), Substance Abuse or related charge in Texas may need to take an alcohol/Drug education program which can be available online right here. In many states, a mandatory alcohol education program, alcohol awareness, drug class or an intervention program to fulfill court or state-mandated requirements. In most all out-of-state non-resident cases, an online course for Alcohol, MIP or Drug classes are all that is available to the offender. If a person is charged with a DUI – DWI, MIP or Drug Possession in a state other than the state that person resides, an online alcohol awareness or drug program is ideal. If an offender is moving out of state and will become a resident of another state before his trial for that offense, that defendant also may be allowed to take the online course. Sometimes a defendant and his attorney can agree to a pretrial diversion of a criminal charge or offense. Many times in an alcohol or drug-related case, the pretrial terms may include a treatment, evaluation, interdiction or simply an online class. The pretrial diversion is probation or probate sentence after the pre-set date.

Many courts will probate a DUI or DWI for 1, 2 or 3 years depending upon the circumstances of the case. Some courts and prosecutors will consider allowing an online program due to a defendant needing to get to an actual classroom site. If the offender has a suspended driver’s license, then undue hardship is on a family member, relative or friend to drive the offender to a class. You may also need to take a defensive driving course in some jurisdictions to get the suspension lifted. This course may fulfill your needs and do so from any computer with an internet connection. The online course is taken at your convenience and at your own pace. No sitting in a classroom.

Also, a growing number of colleges and universities are now recommending and sometimes requiring students to take a substance-abuse or an Alcohol education program, whether online or in person. It certainly makes taking the course much more convenient to take it online. If you need to take the course, simply sign up below and take it at your own convenience.

This online course is available in 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24 and (Court Ordered) 32 Hour Court Ordered Programs. Be certain of the type course you will need. Many courts may need 8 to 12 Hour courses for first-time offenses and longer courses for repeat offenses. You may begin the course upon registering and continue at your own pace and schedule.

After you complete the course online you will be mailed a certificate of completion. You may also download and print your Certificate upon completion.


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Texas Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course

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Paducah, Tx, Paige, Tx, Paint Rock, Tx, Palacios, Tx, Palestine, Tx, Palmer, Tx, Palo Pinto, Tx, Paluxy, Tx, Pampa, Tx, Pandora, Tx, Panhandle, Tx, Panna Maria, Tx, Panola, Tx, Paradise, Tx, Paris, Tx, Pasadena, Tx, Pattison, Tx, Pattonville, Tx, Pawnee, Tx, Pear Valley, Tx, Pearland, Tx, Pearsall, Tx, Peaster, Tx, Pecan Gap, Tx, Pecos, Tx, Peggy, Tx, Pendleton, Tx, Penelope, Tx, Penitas, Tx, Pennington, Tx, Penwell, Tx, Pep, Tx, Perrin, Tx, Perry, Tx, Perryton, Tx, Petersburg, Tx, Petrolia, Tx, Pettus, Tx, Petty, Tx, Pflugerville, Tx, Pharr, Tx, Pickton, Tx, Pierce, Tx, Pilot Point, Tx, Pinehurst, Tx, Pineland, Tx, Pipe Creek, Tx, Pittsburg, Tx, Placedo, Tx, Plains, Tx, Plainview, Tx, Plano, Tx, Plantersville, Tx, Pleasanton, Tx, Pledger, Tx, Plum, Tx, Point, Tx, Point Comfort, Tx, Pointblank, Tx, Pollok, Tx, Ponder, Tx, Pontotoc, Tx, Poolville, Tx, Porlamar, Tx, Port Aransas, Tx, Port Arthur, Tx, Port Bolivar, Tx, Port Isabel, Tx, Port Lavaca, Tx, Port Mansfield, Tx, Port Neches, Tx, Port O Connor, Tx, Porter, Tx, Portland, Tx, Post, Tx, Poteet, Tx, Poth, Tx, Pottsboro, Tx, Pottsville, Tx, Powderly, Tx, Powell, Tx, Poynor, Tx, Prairie Hill, Tx, Prairie Lea, Tx, Prairie View, Tx, Premont, Tx, Presidio, Tx, Price, Tx, Priddy, Tx, Princeton, Tx, Proctor, Tx, Progreso, Tx, Prosper, Tx, Purdon, Tx, Purmela, Tx, Putnam, Tx, Pyote, Tx,

Quail, Tx, Quanah, Tx, Queen City, Tx, Quemado, Tx, Quinlan, Tx, Quitaque, Tx, Quitman, Tx,

Rainbow, Tx, Ralls, Tx, Rancho Viejo, Tx, Randolph, Tx, Ranger, Tx, Rankin, Tx, Ransom Canyon, Tx, Ratcliff, Tx, Ravenna, Tx, Raymondville, Tx, Raywood, Tx, Reagan, Tx, Realitos, Tx, Red Oak, Tx, Red Rock, Tx, Redford, Tx, Redwater, Tx, Refugio, Tx, Reklaw, Tx, Rhome, Tx, Rice, Tx, Richards, Tx, Richardson, Tx, Richland, Tx, Richland Springs, Tx, Richmond, Tx, Riesel, Tx, Ringgold, Tx, Rio Frio, Tx, Rio Grande City, Tx, Rio Hondo, Tx, Rio Medina, Tx, Rio Vista, Tx, Rising Star, Tx, Riverside, Tx, Riviera, Tx, Roanoke, Tx, Roans Prairie, Tx, Roaring Springs, Tx, Robert Lee, Tx, Robstown, Tx, Roby, Tx, Rochelle, Tx, Rochester, Tx, Rock Island, Tx, Rockdale, Tx, Rockport, Tx, Rocksprings, Tx, Rockwall, Tx, Rockwood, Tx, Rogers, Tx, Roma, Tx, Romayor, Tx, Roosevelt, Tx, Ropesville, Tx, Rosanky, Tx, Roscoe, Tx, Rosebud, Tx, Rosenberg, Tx, Rosharon, Tx, Ross, Tx, Rosser, Tx, Rosston, Tx, Rotan, Tx, Round Mountain, Tx, Round Rock, Tx, Round Top, Tx, Rowena, Tx, Rowlett, Tx, Roxton, Tx, Royalty, Tx, Royse City, Tx, Rule, Tx, Runge, Tx, Rusk, Tx, Rye, Tx,

Sabinal, Tx, Sabine Pass, Tx, Sachse, Tx, Sacul, Tx, Sadler, Tx, Salado, Tx, Salineno, Tx, Salt Flat, Tx, Saltillo, Tx, Samnorwood, Tx, San Angelo, Tx, San Antonio, Tx, San Augustine, Tx, San Benito, Tx, San Diego, Tx, San Elizario, Tx, San Felipe, Tx, San Isidro, Tx, San Juan, Tx, San Marcos, Tx, San Perlita, Tx, San Saba, Tx, San Ygnacio, Tx, Sanderson, Tx, Sandia, Tx, Sandy, Tx, Sanford, Tx, Sanger, Tx, Santa Anna, Tx, Santa Elena, Tx, Santa Fe, Tx, Santa Maria, Tx, Santa Rosa, Tx, Santo, Tx, Saragosa, Tx, Saratoga, Tx, Sarita, Tx, Satin, Tx, Savoy, Tx, Schertz, Tx, Schulenburg, Tx, Schwertner, Tx, Scotland, Tx, Scottsville, Tx, Scroggins, Tx, Scurry, Tx, Seabrook, Tx, Seadrift, Tx, Seagoville, Tx, Seagraves, Tx, Sealy, Tx, Sebastian, Tx, Seguin, Tx, Selman City, Tx, Seminole, Tx, Seven Points, Tx, Seymour, Tx, Shafter, Tx, Shallowater, Tx, Shamrock, Tx, Sheffield, Tx, Shelbyville, Tx, Shepherd, Tx, Sheppard Afb, Tx, Sheridan, Tx, Sherman, Tx, Shiner, Tx, Shiro, Tx, Sidney, Tx, Sierra Blanca, Tx, Silsbee, Tx, Silver, Tx, Silverton, Tx, Simms, Tx, Simonton, Tx, Sinton, Tx, Skellytown, Tx, Skidmore, Tx, Slaton, Tx, Slidell, Tx, Smiley, Tx, Smithville, Tx, Smyer, Tx, Snook, Tx, Snyder, Tx, Somerset, Tx, Somerville, Tx, Sonora, Tx, Sour Lake, Tx, South Bend, Tx, South Houston, Tx, South Padre Island, Tx, South Plains, Tx, Southlake, Tx, Southmayd, Tx, Spade, Tx, Speaks, Tx, Spearman, Tx, Spicewood, Tx, Splendora, Tx, Spring, Tx, Spring Branch, Tx, Springlake, Tx, Springtown, Tx, Spur, Tx, Spurger, Tx, St Hedwig, Tx, St Jo, Tx, Stafford, Tx, Stamford, Tx, Stanton, Tx, Staples, Tx, Star, Tx, Stephenville, Tx, Sterling City, Tx, Stinnett, Tx, Stockdale, Tx, Stonewall, Tx, Stowell, Tx, Stratford, Tx, Strawn, Tx, Streetman, Tx, Sublime, Tx, Sudan, Tx, Sugar Land, Tx, Sullivan City, Tx, Sulphur Bluff, Tx, Sulphur Springs, Tx, Summerfield, Tx, Sumner, Tx, Sundown, Tx, Sunnyvale, Tx, Sunray, Tx, Sunset, Tx, Sutherland Springs, Tx, Sweeny, Tx, Sweet Home, Tx, Sweetwater, Tx, Sylvester, Tx,

Taft, Tx, Tahoka, Tx, Talco, Tx, Talpa, Tx, Tarpley, Tx, Tarzan, Tx, Tatum, Tx, Taylor, Tx, Teague, Tx, Tehuacana, Tx, Telegraph, Tx, Telephone, Tx, Telferner, Tx, Tell, Tx, Temple, Tx, Tenaha, Tx, Tennessee Colony, Tx, Tennyson, Tx, Terlingua, Tx, Terrell, Tx, Texarkana, Tx, Texas City, Tx, Texline, Tx, The Colony, Tx, The Woodlands, Tx, Thicket, Tx, Thomaston, Tx, Thompsons, Tx, Thorndale, Tx, Thornton, Tx, Thrall, Tx, Three Rivers, Tx, Throckmorton, Tx, Tilden, Tx, Timpson, Tx, Tioga, Tx, Tivoli, Tx, Tokio, Tx, Tolar, Tx, Tom Bean, Tx, Tomball, Tx, Tornillo, Tx, Tow, Tx, Toyah, Tx, Toyahvale, Tx, Trent, Tx, Trenton, Tx, Trinidad, Tx, Trinity, Tx, Troup, Tx, Troy, Tx, Tuleta, Tx, Tulia, Tx, Turkey, Tx, Tuscola, Tx, Tye, Tx, Tyler, Tx, Tynan, Tx,

Umbarger, Tx, Universal City, Tx, Utopia, Tx, Uvalde, Tx,

Valentine, Tx, Valera, Tx, Valley Mills, Tx, Valley Spring, Tx, Valley View, Tx, Van, Tx, Van Alstyne, Tx, Van Horn, Tx, Van Vleck, Tx, Vancourt, Tx, Vanderbilt, Tx, Vanderpool, Tx, Vega, Tx, Venus, Tx, Veribest, Tx, Vernon, Tx, Victoria, Tx, Vidor, Tx, Village Mills, Tx, Voca, Tx, Von Ormy, Tx, Voss, Tx, Votaw, Tx, Voth, Tx,

Waco, Tx, Wadsworth, Tx, Waelder, Tx, Waka, Tx, Walburg, Tx, Wall, Tx, Waller, Tx, Wallis, Tx, Wallisville, Tx, Walnut Springs, Tx, Warda, Tx, Waring, Tx, Warren, Tx, Washington, Tx, Waskom, Tx, Water Valley, Tx, Waxahachie, Tx, Wayside, Tx, Weatherford, Tx, Webster, Tx, Weesatche, Tx, Weimar, Tx, Weinert, Tx, Weir, Tx, Welch, Tx, Wellborn, Tx, Wellington, Tx, Wellman, Tx, Wells, Tx, Weslaco, Tx, West, Tx, West Columbia, Tx, West Point, Tx, Westbrook, Tx, Westhoff, Tx, Westlake, Tx, Westminster, Tx, Weston, Tx, Wharton, Tx, Wheeler, Tx, Wheelock, Tx, White Deer, Tx, White Oak, Tx, Whiteface, Tx, Whitehouse, Tx, Whitesboro, Tx, Whitewright, Tx, Whitharral, Tx, Whitney, Tx, Whitsett, Tx, Whitt, Tx, Wichita Falls, Tx, Wickett, Tx, Wiergate, Tx, Wildorado, Tx, Willis, Tx, Willow City, Tx, Willow Park, Tx, Wills Point, Tx, Wilmer, Tx, Wilson, Tx, Wimberley, Tx, Windom, Tx, Windthorst, Tx, Winfield, Tx, Wingate, Tx, Wink, Tx, Winnie, Tx, Winnsboro, Tx, Winona, Tx, Winters, Tx, Woden, Tx, Wolfe City, Tx, Wolfforth, Tx, Woodlake, Tx, Woodlawn, Tx, Woodsboro, Tx, Woodson, Tx, Woodville, Tx, Woodway, Tx, Wortham, Tx, Wrightsboro, Tx, Wylie

Yancey, Yantis, Yoakum, Yorktown,

Zapata, Tx, Zavalla, Tx, Zephyr, Tx

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