Tennessee Alcohol/Drug Awareness or DUI DWI Education Program Online Classes

 Tennessee Alcohol/Drug Awareness

DUI DWI Education Classes

Online Classes

 Save Face and Take the Class Online.

 Drug Evaluations by Phone or Skype also Available if Needed.

Defendants with a DWI, DUI, OVI, MIP (minor in possession) or any other Alcohol or Drug related charge may need to take an alcohol/Drug education program which can be available online for Tennessee.  In many locations, a mandatory alcohol education program, alcohol awareness, drug class or an intervention program to fulfill court or state-mandated requirements. In most all out-of-state non-resident cases, an online course for Alcohol, MIP or Drug classes are all that is available to the offender. If a person is charged with a DUI – DWI, MIP or Drug Possession in a state other than the state that person resides, an online alcohol awareness or drug program is ideal. If an offender is moving out of state and will become a resident of another state before his trial for that offense, that defendant also may be allowed to take the online course. Sometimes a defendant and his attorney can agree to a pretrial diversion of a criminal charge or offense. Many times in an alcohol or drug-related case, the pretrial terms may include a treatment, evaluation, interdiction or simply an online class. The pretrial diversion is probation or probate sentence after the pre-set date. Many courts will probate a DUI or DWI for 1, 2 or 3 years depending upon the circumstances of the case. Some courts and prosecutors will consider allowing an online program due to a defendant needing to get to an actual classroom site. If the offender has a suspended driver’s license, then undue hardship is on a family member, relative or friend to drive the offender to a class. You may also need to take a defensive driving course in some jurisdictions to get the suspension lifted.   This course may fulfill your needs and do so from any computer with an internet connection.  The online course is taken at your convenience and at your own pace. No sitting in a classroom.

Also, a growing number of colleges and universities are now recommending and sometimes requiring students to take a substance-abuse or an Alcohol education program, whether online or in person.  It certainly makes taking the course much more convenient to take it online.  If you need to take the course, simply sign up below and take it at your own convenience.

This online course is available in 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 Hour Alcohol Awareness and Drug Education Programs.  Many courts may need 8 to 12 Hour courses for first-time offenses and longer courses for repeat offenses.  You may begin the course upon registering and continue at your own pace and schedule.

After you complete the course online you will be mailed a certificate of completion.  You may also download and print your Certificate upon completion.

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Tennessee Alcohol Education Program Classes

 Adams, Tn      Adamsville, Tn      Afton, Tn      Alamo, Tn      Alcoa, Tn      Alexandria, Tn      Allardt, Tn      Allons, Tn      Allred, Tn      Alpine, Tn      Altamont, Tn      Andersonville, Tn      Antioch, Tn      Apison, Tn      Ardmore, Tn      Arlington, Tn      Arnold Afb, Tn      Arrington, Tn      Arthur, Tn      Ashland City, Tn      Athens, Tn      Atoka, Tn      Atwood, Tn      Auburntown, Tn      Bakewell, Tn      Bartlett, Tn      Bath Springs, Tn      Baxter, Tn      Bean Station, Tn      Beech Bluff, Tn      Beechgrove, Tn      Beersheba Springs, Tn      Belfast, Tn      Bell Buckle, Tn      Bells, Tn      Belvidere, Tn      Benton, Tn      Bethel Springs, Tn      Bethpage, Tn      Big Rock, Tn      Big Sandy, Tn      Birchwood, Tn      Blaine, Tn      Bloomington Springs, Tn      Blountville, Tn      Bluff City, Tn      Bogota, Tn      Bolivar, Tn      Bon Aqua, Tn      Braden, Tn      Bradford, Tn      Bradyville, Tn      Brentwood, Tn      Briceville, Tn      Brighton, Tn      Bristol, Tn      Brownsville, Tn      Bruceton, Tn      Brunswick, Tn      Brush Creek, Tn      Buchanan, Tn      Buena Vista, Tn      Buffalo Valley, Tn      Bulls Gap, Tn      Bumpus Mills, Tn      Burlison, Tn      Burns, Tn      Butler, Tn      Bybee, Tn      Byrdstown, Tn      Calhoun, Tn      Camden, Tn      Campaign, Tn      Carthage, Tn      Caryville, Tn      Castalian Springs, Tn      Cedar Grove, Tn      Cedar Hill, Tn      Celina, Tn      Centerville, Tn      Chapel Hill, Tn      Chapmansboro, Tn      Charleston, Tn      Charlotte, Tn      Chattanooga, Tn      Chestnut Mound, Tn      Chewalla, Tn      Christiana, Tn      Chuckey, Tn      Church Hill, Tn      Clairfield, Tn      Clarkrange, Tn      Clarksburg, Tn      Clarksville, Tn      Cleveland, Tn      Clifton, Tn      Clinton, Tn      Coalfield, Tn      Coalmont, Tn      Cokercreek, Tn      College Grove, Tn      Collegedale, Tn      Collierville, Tn      Collinwood, Tn      Columbia, Tn      Como, Tn      Conasauga, Tn      Cookeville, Tn      Copperhill, Tn      Cordova, Tn      Cornersville, Tn      Corryton, Tn      Cosby, Tn      Cottage Grove, Tn      Cottontown, Tn      Counce, Tn      Covington, Tn      Cowan, Tn      Crab Orchard, Tn      Crawford, Tn      Crockett Mills, Tn      Cross Plains, Tn      Crossville, Tn      Crump, Tn      Culleoka, Tn      Cumberland City, Tn      Cumberland Furnace, Tn      Cumberland Gap, Tn      Cunningham, Tn      Cypress Inn, Tn      Dandridge, Tn      Darden, Tn      Dayton, Tn      Decatur, Tn      Decaturville, Tn      Decherd, Tn      Deer Lodge, Tn      Del Rio, Tn      Delano, Tn      Dellrose, Tn      Denmark, Tn      Dickson, Tn      Dixon Springs, Tn      Dover, Tn      Dowelltown, Tn      Doyle, Tn      Dresden, Tn      Drummonds, Tn      Duck River, Tn      Ducktown, Tn      Duff, Tn      Dukedom, Tn      Dunlap, Tn      Dyer, Tn      Dyersburg, Tn      Eads, Tn      Eagan, Tn      Eagleville, Tn      East Ridge, Tn      Eaton, Tn      Eidson, Tn      Elgin, Tn      Elizabethton, Tn      Elkton, Tn      Ellendale, Tn      Elmwood, Tn      Elora, Tn      Englewood, Tn      Enville, Tn      Erin, Tn      Erwin, Tn      Estill Springs, Tn      Ethridge, Tn      Etowah, Tn      Eva, Tn      Evensville, Tn      Fairview, Tn      Fall Branch, Tn      Farner, Tn      Farragut, Tn      Fayetteville, Tn      Finger, Tn      Finley, Tn      Five Points, Tn      Flag Pond, Tn      Flintville, Tn      Fosterville, Tn      Frankewing, Tn      Franklin, Tn      Friendship, Tn      Friendsville, Tn      Fruitvale, Tn      Gadsden, Tn      Gainesboro, Tn      Gallatin, Tn      Gallaway, Tn      Gates, Tn      Gatlinburg, Tn      Georgetown, Tn      Germantown, Tn      Gibson, Tn      Gladeville, Tn      Gleason, Tn      Goodlettsville, Tn      Goodspring, Tn      Gordonsville, Tn      Grand Junction, Tn      Grandview, Tn      Granville, Tn      Graysville, Tn      Greenback, Tn      Greenbrier, Tn      Greeneville, Tn      Greenfield, Tn      Grimsley, Tn      Gruetli Laager, Tn      Guild, Tn      Guys, Tn      Halls, Tn      Hampshire, Tn      Hampton, Tn      Harbin, Tn      Harriman, Tn      Harrison, Tn      Harrogate, Tn      Hartford, Tn      Hartsville, Tn      Heiskell, Tn      Helenwood, Tn      Henderson, Tn      Hendersonville, Tn      Henning, Tn      Henry, Tn      Hermitage, Tn      Hickman, Tn      Hickory Valley, Tn      Hilham, Tn      Hillsboro, Tn      Hixson, Tn      Hohenwald, Tn      Holladay, Tn      Hollow Rock, Tn      Hornbeak, Tn      Hornsby, Tn      Humboldt, Tn      Huntingdon, Tn      Huntland, Tn      Huntsville, Tn      Huron, Tn      Hurricane Mills, Tn      Idlewild, Tn      Indian Mound, Tn      Iron City, Tn      Jacks Creek, Tn      Jacksboro, Tn      Jackson, Tn      Jamestown, Tn      Jasper, Tn      Jefferson City, Tn      Jellico, Tn      Joelton, Tn      Johnson City, Tn      Jonesborough, Tn      Kelso, Tn      Kenton, Tn      Kimball, Tn      Kingsport, Tn      Kingston, Tn      Kingston Springs, Tn      Knoxville, Tn      Kodak, Tn      Kyles Ford, Tn      La Follette, Tn      La Grange, Tn      La Vergne, Tn      Laconia, Tn      Lafayette, Tn      Lake City, Tn      Lakeland, Tn      Lancaster, Tn      Lancing, Tn      Lascassas, Tn      Laurel Bloomery, Tn      Lavinia, Tn      Lawrenceburg, Tn      Lebanon, Tn      Lenoir City, Tn      Lenox, Tn      Leoma, Tn      Lewisburg, Tn      Lexington, Tn      Liberty, Tn      Limestone, Tn      Linden, Tn      Livingston, Tn      Lobelville, Tn      Lone Mountain, Tn      Lookout Mountain, Tn      Loretto, Tn      Loudon, Tn      Louisville, Tn      Lowland, Tn      Lupton City, Tn      Luray, Tn      Luttrell, Tn      Lutts, Tn      Lyles, Tn      Lynchburg, Tn      Lynnville, Tn      Macon, Tn      Madison, Tn      Madisonville, Tn      Manchester, Tn      Mansfield, Tn      Martin, Tn      Maryville, Tn      Mascot, Tn      Mason, Tn      Maury City, Tn      Maynardville, Tn      Mc Donald, Tn      Mc Ewen, Tn      Mc Kenzie, Tn      Mc Lemoresville, Tn      Mc Minnville, Tn      McKenzie, Tn      Medina, Tn      Medon, Tn      Memphis, Tn      Mercer, Tn      Michie, Tn      Middleton, Tn      Midway, Tn      Milan, Tn      Milledgeville, Tn      Milligan College, Tn      Millington, Tn      Milton, Tn      Minor Hill, Tn      Miston, Tn      Mitchellville, Tn      Mohawk, Tn      Monroe, Tn      Monteagle, Tn      Monterey, Tn      Mooresburg, Tn      Morris Chapel, Tn      Morrison, Tn      Morristown, Tn      Moscow, Tn      Mosheim, Tn      Moss, Tn      Mount Carmel, Tn      Mount Juliet, Tn      Mount Pleasant, Tn      Mountain City, Tn      Mountain Home, Tn      Mulberry, Tn      Munford, Tn      Murfreesboro, Tn      Nashville, Tn      New Johnsonville, Tn      New Market, Tn      New Tazewell, Tn      Newbern, Tn      Newcomb, Tn      Newport, Tn      Niota, Tn      Nolensville, Tn      Norene, Tn      Normandy, Tn      Norris, Tn      Nunnelly, Tn      Oak Ridge, Tn      Oakdale, Tn      Oakfield, Tn      Oakland, Tn      Obion, Tn      Ocoee, Tn      Old Hickory, Tn      Oldfort, Tn      Olivehill, Tn      Oliver Springs, Tn      Oneida, Tn      Only, Tn      Ooltewah, Tn      Orlinda, Tn      Ozone, Tn      Pall Mall, Tn      Palmer, Tn      Palmersville, Tn      Palmyra, Tn      Paris, Tn      Parrottsville, Tn      Parsons, Tn      Pegram, Tn      Pelham, Tn      Petersburg, Tn      Petros, Tn      Philadelphia, Tn      Pickwick Dam, Tn      Pigeon Forge, Tn      Pikeville, Tn      Piney Flats, Tn      Pinson, Tn      Pioneer, Tn      Pleasant Hill, Tn      Pleasant Shade, Tn      Pleasant View, Tn      Pleasantville, Tn      Pocahontas, Tn      Portland, Tn      Powder Springs, Tn      Powell, Tn      Primm Springs, Tn      Prospect, Tn      Pruden, Tn      Pulaski, Tn      Puryear, Tn      Quebeck, Tn      Ramer, Tn      Readyville, Tn      Reagan, Tn      Red Boiling Springs, Tn      Reliance, Tn      Riceville, Tn      Rickman, Tn      Riddleton, Tn      Ridgely, Tn      Ridgetop, Tn      Ripley, Tn      Rives, Tn      Roan Mountain, Tn      Robbins, Tn      Rock Island, Tn      Rockford, Tn      Rockvale, Tn      Rockwood, Tn      Rogersville, Tn      Rossville, Tn      Rugby, Tn      Russellville, Tn      Rutherford, Tn      Rutledge, Tn      Sale Creek, Tn      Saltillo, Tn      Samburg, Tn      Santa Fe, Tn      Sardis, Tn      Saulsbury, Tn      Savannah, Tn      Scotts Hill, Tn      Selmer, Tn      Sequatchie, Tn      Sevierville, Tn      Sewanee, Tn      Seymour, Tn      Shady Valley, Tn      Sharon, Tn      Sharps Chapel, Tn      Shawanee, Tn      Shelbyville, Tn      Sherwood, Tn      Shiloh, Tn      Signal Mountain, Tn      Silerton, Tn      Silver Point, Tn      Slayden, Tn      Smartt, Tn      Smithville, Tn      Smyrna, Tn      Sneedville, Tn      Soddy Daisy, Tn      Somerville, Tn      South Fulton, Tn      South Pittsburg, Tn      Southside, Tn      Sparta, Tn      Speedwell, Tn      Spencer, Tn      Spring City, Tn      Spring Creek, Tn      Spring Hill, Tn      Springfield, Tn      Springville, Tn      St Andrews, Tn      St Bethlehem, Tn      St Joseph, Tn      Stanton, Tn      Stantonville, Tn      Stewart, Tn      Strawberry Plains, Tn      Sugar Tree, Tn      Summertown, Tn      Summitville, Tn      Sunbright, Tn      Surgoinsville, Tn      Sweetwater, Tn      Taft, Tn      Talbott, Tn      Tallassee, Tn      Tazewell, Tn      Telford, Tn      Tellico Plains, Tn      Ten Mile, Tn      Tennessee Ridge, Tn      Thompsons Station, Tn      Thorn Hill, Tn      Tigrett, Tn      Tipton, Tn      Tiptonville, Tn      Toone, Tn      Townsend, Tn      Tracy City, Tn      Trade, Tn      Trenton, Tn      Trezevant, Tn      Trimble, Tn      Troy, Tn      Tullahoma, Tn      Turtletown, Tn      Unicoi, Tn      Union City, Tn      Unionville, Tn      Vanleer, Tn      Viola, Tn      Vonore, Tn      Walland, Tn      Walling, Tn      Wartburg, Tn      Wartrace, Tn      Washburn, Tn      Watauga, Tn      Watertown, Tn      Watts Bar Dam, Tn      Waverly, Tn      Waynesboro, Tn      Westmoreland, Tn      Westpoint, Tn      Westport, Tn      White Bluff, Tn      White House, Tn      White Pine, Tn      Whites Creek, Tn      Whitesburg, Tn      Whiteside, Tn      Whiteville, Tn      Whitleyville, Tn      Whitwell, Tn      Wilder, Tn      Wildersville, Tn      Williamsport, Tn      Williston, Tn      Winchester, Tn      Winfield, Tn      Woodbury, Tn      Woodland Mills, Tn      Woodlawn, Tn      Wynnburg, Tn      Yorkville, Tn      Yuma, Tn     

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