North Carolina Alcohol Awareness 10 Hour Class

North Carolina Alcohol Awareness 10 Hour Classes

Alcohol Education Program Online Class

Also available in 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 Hr Programs

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<p><span style=The 10 Hour Alcohol awareness class is now online for your easy convenience of studying at home or office. Whether you are taking the Alcohol awareness course for employment, pre-employment or for court/legal reasons, the internet course allows to work on the course as little or as long as your schedule and time allows. A growing number of colleges and universities are now recommending and sometimes requiring students to take a substance-abuse or an Alcohol education program, whether online or in person. It certainly makes taking the course much more convenient to take it online. If you need to take the course, simply sign up above

and take it at your own convenience.

Many fortune 500 corporations as well as numerous other places of employment in North Carolina are offering or requesting their present and future employees take some type of Alcohol awareness course. This course will provide and cover all the topics of binge drinking, problem drinking and dealing with Alcohol addiction. For North Carolina college students (particularly freshmen), some universities are offering on and off campus Alcohol education classes consisting of two 45 minute classroom setting courses or one 2 Hour class spread out of two semesters. While these courses cover many needed topics, they lack the influential impact of a 10 Hour online course filled with consequential goals to college students and drinking. Then there’s the distractions which are so plain in a classroom of fellow students. What the student gets out of the course is much more important than their mere credentials achieved once they’ve attended.

This is not a replacement for any existing required Alcohol course. This course has both Alcohol and Drug awareness education elements and provides more than a basic class may offer.

As for needing to fulfill a court-ordered Alcohol class, many courts, require an Alcohol awareness class or course as part of a plea bargain deal or as consequences of the terms of conviction. North Carolina courts require some defendants of first, second or third or more offenses of DUI, DWI and MIP to take an in-person and in a classroom class or they may simply allow the “Distance Learning” or “Online Class”. North Carolina as been very receptive to distance education or learning online courses. Although some states such as California, Florida and Texas do not generally allow online courses for dui, dwi, or Drug possession cases, some individual courts in those states will take into consideration certain issues making it difficult or even impossible for the defendant to attend an “in the classroom” training or class. In those cases, exceptions are sometimes allowed and court permission or approval is given to take the same Hours the state may require in the classroom, as an online course so long as it covers the same material. If you are taking this course as a court-ordered or required Alcohol awareness class, read your state laws pertaining to the acceptance of online courses or contact your court or attorney to get it approved prior to registering.
North Carolina 10 (Ten) Hr Alcohol Awareness Education Course

Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, High Point, Wilmington, Asheville, Jacksonville, North Carolina