Arizona High School Students Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Arizona High School Teens Alcohol Awareness & Drug Education

Parents: Don’t Send Your Student Through High School Without it!


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<h2 style=Arizona High School Students Alcohol Awareness & Drug Education Course

4 Hour & 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness & Drug Awareness Course

A Better Choice Teen Alcohol Awareness & Drug Education  

This course is not designed to replace any existing student alcohol education

online course or existing campus classes which may include alcohol basics. It certainly can supplement the course and add the necessary influential “think twice” training needed and this course will also include drug awareness education. The best news is this course will not interfere with the students regular schedule. They can take it online and at their own pace.

The Arizona teen/adolescent drug and alcohol classes are designed for students between the ages of 12-20 years old. They are a perfect for high school students, middle school, Jr High school through freshmen in college.

Parents: You’ve already taken the huge step of seeing that your student has the best education possible. You can take another big step and check into this 4 Hour or 8 Hour online alcohol and drug awareness course. It could make the difference!


Quick Facts

Alcohol-related auto accidents are a leading cause of death for High School, College and University students

and young adults.

Alcohol use is involved in many acts of violence, drownings, suicides, homicides, and injuries.

Alcohol is the Drug of choice among many Jr High and High School students.

Beer and wine are not safer than hard liquor.

It is illegal in most states to provide Alcohol to minors who are not members of the family.

Using Alcohol and tobacco at a young age – especially before and during college increases the risk for using other Drugs later, such as marijuana and cocaine.

Many High School and Jr High students abuse alcohol. As early as 6th grade, some students report heavy drinking.

Most states have “zero-tolerance” laws. This means that underage drivers (less than 21 years) with even a trace of Alcohol on their breath will lose their driver’s license.